Saayori Actor Anindita Bose Has An Important Message With Her Art During Self Isolation

The lovely actor from Saayori serves up an important reminder with her artwork during self-isolation.


Did you know that Anindita Bose, the vivacious actor from the ZEE5 Original film Saayori, considers herself to be a painter first and then an actor? Although with a busy shooting schedule, she hardly has the time to paint. Well, in this current state of self isolation that we collectively find ourselves in, Anindita has been taking the time to draw and paint, and she has recently shared some of her doodles, accompanied by thought-provoking messages, on her social media page.

Check out this lovely sketch by Anindita:

Her caption proves to be just as important and meaningful, too. It reads, “We need to have empathy, when we lose empathy, we lose our humanity”.. Stop abandoning your pets in these trying times.”

This is indeed a very trying time for us all. The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken up our lives enormously. We are being forced to re-evaluate our daily schedules and stay put at home. The uncertainty and panic that the pandemic is causing have been taking a toll on many people and making them act irrationally.

One such instance is by a few pet owners who are abandoning their pet animals, out of fear that they could transmit the virus. However, there has been no evidence to support this, and even the World Health Organization has deemed pets to be absolutely safe to be around. Despite this fact, there are a few people who are giving into acts of cruelty and leaving their own poor animals to fend for themselves. Anindita warns against this, and appeals to everyone’s higher selves and urges them not to lose their compassion and empathy, as these are the primary traits that make us human. Losing these would mean losing our humanity– not at all what we need especially now. If anything, it is empathy for each other that will let us overcome this challenge we are currently facing. So hold on to your pets, and be grateful you have them at all!

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