Saturday Playlist: 5 Relaxing Numbers You Can Let Your Hair Down With This Weekend

We got you a playlist to welcome the weekend with in style, with songs like Aleya and Shomoy. Listen to these on repeat for a super chill session.


Amid work-from-home and household chores, it has been one busy week! As you wind down at the end of it, here are some ultra chill Bengali tracks that will truly help you relax and take a much deserved break. Listen to these songs and say three cheers to the weekend!

1. Aleya

Aleya is a song from the movie Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo, which stars actors Paoli Dam and Ritwick Chakraborty. A happy, feel-good track sung by Nikhita Gandhi,  this one will put you in the mood to welcome the weekend like no other! Watch the music video for the full effect.

2. Shudhu Cholo Ekbar

Shudhu Cholo Ekbar, sung by Prasenjit Mallick and Shreya Chakraborty, is a dreamy number which will totally make you want to kick back and be lulled by its soothing melody. The lyrics implore you to let time stand still while your mind wanders to a blissful haven without any worries, so take the chance to do just that!

3. Nisha Lagilo Re

A song from the film Maati, Nisha Lagilo Re has a vibe typical of a merry folk song, and will make you want to jig along! It has been sung by Shantanu Ghosh and his choir, and is a wonderful way to usher in the weekend. So put it on as soon as you wake up, and watch your mood soar!

4. Chhoya Chhuyi

Chhoya Chhuyi is a gorgeous romantic song from the movie Jio Jamai. Featuring actors Hiran and Ishani Ghosh who starred in the film in the music video, this track will make you frolic with sheer glee! Sung by Armaan Malik and Debanjali B Joshi, Chhoya Chhuyi will uplift your spirit right away.

5. Shomoy

Another beautiful track from Shantilai O Projapoti, Shomoy is a soulful number by the singer Arko. It will tug at your heartstrings and make you wistful, but in a way that is totally worth the experience! This one is perfect to listen to when you want something mellow.

Which of these songs did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

For more entertainment on the weekend, watch the short and sweet romantic film Bus Stop.

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