Shorshe Ilish: 3 Moments From The ZEE5 Original That Prove Kolkata Is Bhalobashar Shohor

Abir and Aalo's love story rings a bell with its tantalising romance and the zealous redemption.

1. Love in a tram

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The latest ZEE5 Original film, Shorshe Ilish, is a part of the romantic anthology, Bhalobashar Shohor – which comprises eight stories that speak of love and relationships in the city of Kolkata. This series seeks to find love in the nooks and corners of the city. Watch this latest Bengali film here.

Shorshe Ilish, starring Indraneil Sengupta and Ankita Chakraborty, follows a newly-married couple whose relationship takes a spiralling turn when Abir (played by Indranil) begins to doubt his wife Aalo (played by Ankita) of having an affair with her friend Mainak. Although the end of the movie is nothing what we expect it to be, there are several intricate moments that actually prove the City of Joy is the City of Love.

Abir and Aalo meet on a tram, one of the most priceless possessions of the city. While Abir regularly takes the tram to work, Aalo likes to take the metro but took a detour just for the fun of it. This very moment not only gives us an idea about the distinct individuality of the characters but also tells us why our parents and grandparents adore the tram. It is something which has been running across the history of the city, almost like a tale beginning with the lines, ‘Once upon a time…’. Similarly, ‘once upon a time’ Abir and Aalo met on a tram.

2. He proposes to her in the Maidan

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Anyone living in Kolkata knows that Maidan is the place for romance. With the Vidyasagur Setu on one side and the breathtakingly beautiful Victoria Memorial peeping from the other side, this wide grassland in the heart of a bustling city is a spot for all those romantics. This is exactly where Abir proposes to Aalo, and she asks him why she should marry him. He cheerfully says that he would feed her shorshe ilish for the rest of their lives.

3. Love and shorshe ilish

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Shorshe ilish is not just food, it’s an emotion, says every Bengali ever. Abir too considers it to be just more than a dish he can prepare. Even while proposing to Aalo, he promises to make the delicacy for her for the rest of their lives. Aalo immediately finds it to be quite appealing. Also, in the end their problems are reconciled through this very dish that Abir holds so dear to his heart.

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