The Jungle Book, Bablu Dablu: 13 Adventure Shows Kids Will Love That Are Streaming Now

Who says you can't take off on an adventure while at home? We bring you exciting shows like Kung Fung Master Of The Zodiac where you can do just that!

1. Kung Fu Master Of The Zodiac

If you are itching for entertainment and adventure but cannot go out, we have brought you just the compilation of shows that you need to watch to be able to get it! Kids will especially enjoy these shows immensely, so here’s a chance to spend quality time with your family as well while catching up with them. Read on to know more!

Kung Fu Master Of The Zodiac is a story of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, represented as you have never seen before! Join them in a charming little town called Fortune Valley, where the 12 animal-totems now associated with the Chinese lunar calendar spend their days frolicking merrily.

2. The Jungle Book

A classic series created by author Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book follows the tale of the little boy Mowgli, who is raised by Akela’s wolf pack in the jungle. Mowgli goes on adventures with his friends Baloo and Bagheera everyday, and tries to help animals who are in danger.

3. Turtle Island

Turtle Island is the kingdom ruled by the wise and benevolent turtle king, Tiki, where he lives with his loyal subjects. They live a happy existence on their idyllic island, but trouble looms ahead in the form of a crew of dastardly pirates hell-bent on seizing Turtle Island’s enormous box of treasures.

4. Wakaville

Wakaville follows the adventures of Jaz, a city girl, Buzza, a wannabe surfer who’s afraid of water, Martin, a farm boy with dreams of being a NASA engineer, and Flick, Buzza’s high octane little sister, as they explore their crazy town in the countryside full of ludicrous locals, solve mysteries, and go on adventures.

5. Digswell

Digswell is a cartoon show about the adorable dog of the same name, who just loves to dig into and out of trouble, digging his way to doggy adventures every day. Daisy’s parents decide that she needs a pet dog. At the pound, Digswell and Millicent, a pedigree, vie for Daisy’s attention. Millicent wins over Daisy’s mother, but by using his amazing tunnelling powers, Digswell eventually gains a place on their sofa.

6. Fix & Foxi

Based on the famous German comic strip of the same name, Fix & Foxi  is an animated show that everyone will love. Fix and Foxi are the likable boys from next door, and everyone wants to be friends with them! Each episode is a delightful adventure of its own, so don’t miss out on any!

7. Wilf The Witch Dog

Wilf The Witch Dog is a series that features Wilf, the world’s first dog familiar with a witch. It is about the adventures he has as he learns magic. He helps the good witch Weenie become a better witch, and continually proves that you don’t have to be a cat, rat, toad, or hairy spider to be the most loyal and wonderful assistant for a witch!

8. Jackie Chan Fantasia

The 2014 reboot of the Jackie Chan series finds Jackie Chan on an adventure where he must stop the villain Orbar from carrying out his evil plan and save the world. With his companions Bonzi, Nicole and two intelligent animals, they travel to different places, fight against the villains, and take on various challenges.

9. Eena Meena Deeka

Eena Meena Deeka is a cartoon show centering around the constant chase between a cunning and hungry fox called Bhukkad and three chicks, Eena, Meena and Deeka. The fox is forever on the prowl, just waiting for a chance to attack the chicks, and the chicks in turn are always ready to foil his plans. Defeated every time, the fox becomes even more angry and ramps up his efforts to get those birds!

10. The Adventures of Pim & Pom

The friendship between the impulsive and adventurous cats, Pim and the more cautious Pom, is put to the test when they are faced with trying to find their way home. In the first episode, Pim and Pom look outside and see a posh lady passing by, with a very posh cat on a leash. Pim and Pom are curious to know more, so they decide to go and visit them. But posh pussycat Madelaine finds Pim and Pom far too common and turns her nose up at them.

11. Chhota Bheem

Dholakpur is know for many things– a mighty and benevolent king, big cities and undoubtedly the most scrumptious laddoos. But no tale of Dholakpur is complete without its very own little hero, Chhota Bheem! Young as he may be, Bheem is a mighty brave fellow indeed.

12. Bablu Dablu

Bablu Dablu is a hilarious cartoon show about two mischievous bear brothers, Briar and Bramble, who are always trying to stop Vick, a logger, who desperately tries to log timber in their forest. With each new episode, there is a different adventure, so tune in!

13. Bandbudh Aur Budbak

Bandbudh aur Budbak is a Hindi animated show revolving around two 10-year-old boys, Badrinath and Budhdeb. Like any boy their age, the duo is full of mischief, which often results in a mess for others as well as for themselves. A children’s show, but certain to be entertaining for adults too!

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