Valentine’s Day: These Real-Life Tollywood Couples Are Giving Us Major Relationship Goals

Have a look at Tollywood love stories of our favourite real-life couples Raj and Subhashree, Prosenjit and Arpita and more.

1. Raj Chakraborty and Subhashree Ganguly

Raj and Subhashree
(Source: Instagram)

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, everyone is excited about spending time with their loved ones. And guess what, just like us, our favourite celebs from Tollywood have their own love stories too. Yes, a lot of them met through work, fell in love and are together now. Here is a list of our favourite real-life couples from Tollywood.

Raj Chakraborty, the director of Parineeta, met wife Subhashree when they came together to work in the movie Abhimaan. During the shooting of the movie, both of them got really close which instantly led to their relationship. After this, their relationship started to bloom slowly and steadily. Ultimately, the power couple got married on May 11, 2018, at a heritage resort near Kolkata. Watch their movie Parineeta below.

2. Ridhima Ghosh and Gaurav Chakrabarty

Ridhima and Gaurav
(Source: Instagram)

Ridhima Ghosh and Gaurav Chakraborty, the lead pair of the ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori also had a fairytale love story. The actors fell in love at the sets of the movie Rang Milanti. They dated for a while before tying the knot. Last year, they celebrated their ninth anniversary with a trip to Egypt

3. Gourab Chatterjee and Devlina Kumar

Gaurab & Devlina
(Source: Instagram)

Our beloved Mathurbabu from Rani Rashmoni, Gourab Chatterjee is dating actor Devlina Kumar. The couple is pretty open about their relationship. In an interview, Devlina accepted that she is his first fan. She even watches all the episodes of Rani Rashmoni. Be it parties or vacations, this couple does them all together. 

4. Prosenjit and Arpita

Prosenjit and Arpita
(Source: Zee)

The power couple of Tollywood, Prosenjit and Arpita even have a son together – Trishanjit. The Force duo have been happily married for more than 14 years. The star is also known to spend a lot of time with his wife and makes sure not to compromise on quality family time as well. 

5. Jisshu Sengupta and Nilanjana

Jisshu and Nilanjana
(Source: Twitter)

Ghare and Baire star Jisshu Sengupta, married actor Nilanjana Sengupta a while back. They are considered to be one of the cutest couples in the Bengali film industry. The couple has always been very vocal about their relationship. Be it expressing their love for each other during special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to surprising each other, they do them all. They also have two beautiful daughters — Sara and Zara. 

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