This Video With Dripto’s Touching Tribute To Ma Durga In These Times Will Move You

Gourab Roy Chowdhury who stars in the hit serial Trinayani has made a beautiful video reciting a poem he has written that you must check out.

Gourab Roy Chowdhury

We all know that Gourab Roy Chowdhury, who plays lead character Dripto in the Bengali TV serial Trinayani, is also a skillful and prolific poet. He shares his poems on his social media page regularly, and in the latest one, he has made an amazing video with visuals to accompany his beautiful words. Fitting with these times of uncertainty and disaster amid the coronavirus pandemic that we are battling, this poem is addressed to the Goddess Durga in this new year, and will truly strike a chord with you.

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অনেক রাজ্য হারলো, মৃর্ত্যু মর্তে অনবরতো।। লাল সূর্য ভয়ে ওঠে, আমরা সবাই ঠিক বাচবো।। নিরীহরা নিশ্চিন্ত, পাপ মুক্ত মন।। বুক্ফুলিয়ে রাজনীতি, জাবর কেটে প্রহর কাটে, প্রজার কথা এবার শোন।। খিদের আওয়াজ চারিদিকে, রাস্তায় আজ লাইন পাতে।। প্রাণীরা কিন্তু ভালই আছে, চাওয়া নেই পাওয়া নেই, অল্প পেলেই সুখি তাতে।। দুগ্গা মা, কবে আসবে তুমি? আমদের বর্ষ সুরু, চার দেয়ালের মাঝে।। তোমার দশ হাতে আমদের সাজিয়ো পারলে, নতুন বছরে জামা কাপড় হয়নি মা, এতো মৃত্যু ,এতো অসুরের মাঝে।। গৌরব রায় চৌধুরী (Use headphones) #instagood #insta #instadaily #instagram #instamood #instafashion #dedicated #missyou #stayhome #lockdown #fightforcoronavirus😷 #stayhealthy #helptheworld #helpournation #helpyourfamily #avoidcrowds #cleanyourhands #quarantine #covid_19 #commonIndia #letsfightthistogether #peace #love #takecare #iloveyoumylove❤️ #alwayswithyoulove

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Gourab’s soul-stirring poem translates loosely in English as:

Dugga’s New Year

Many states have lost,
Death is constantly on the verge.
The red sun peers out in fear,
We will be alright. The innocent are free,
A mind without sin.
Hollow inane politics,
The fever cuts off.
Listen to the people– the noise of Hunger pervades everywhere,
And lines up the streets today.
The animals are well,
They want not and seek not,
With only a little, they are happy. Dear Mother,
When will you arrive?
Starting our year,
In between these four walls
Arrange us in your ten hands.

Gourab, yet again, has painted a moving picture with his words in signature style. We also get to see the stark abandoned streets where only the inhabitant creatures still manage to flourish. Nature has struck back in retaliation to man’s cruel and erring ways, and Gourab makes the point that nature will always thrive — it is we who need to mend our ways or suffer the consequences. He yearns for a new dawn in this new year just like the rest of us, and beseeches Ma Durga to return, spread her light back into the world and give us a fresh start with her blessings.

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