Try Gourab Chatterjee’s HIIT Workout If You Don’t Have Weights At Home

The brilliant actor from Rani Rashmoni shows you how to stay in shape at home without the use of any equipment during this time of self isolation.

Gourab Chatterjee

It is no secret that veteran actor Gourab Chatterjee stays in such excellent shape because he prioritizes fitness and works out regularly. This star of Rani Rashmoni often posts about his healthy lifestyle on his social media page and through this phase of self-isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic, he manages to keep us motivated too. With gyms being shut, here is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout that you can easily do at home without the use of weights or any other equipment.

Gourab is staying at home like all of us and despite being such a fitness fanatic, even he does not own weights for strength training at home. However, worry not as he comes to our rescue with this simple yet highly effective workout that he has designed himself. It will increase your heart rate and burn calories at a high speed, and he urges us not to stop and keep going till all the exercise are completed, for maximum effect.

The exercises include repetitions of different styles of jumping jacks and planks, and the programme offers a work out for most of your body and keeps your heart rate functioning at an optimal level.

The best part of Gourab’s workout is that it can be done anywhere and anytime. Simply follow his lead and do the exercises along with the video just as he demonstrates. It is not too long or cumbersome either, and gives you a huge energy boost after doing it! So keep up your fitness levels and get into top-notch shape even when you cannot go to the gym, just like the Bengali hero.

Have you tried out Gourab Chatterjee’s HIIT workout yet? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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