What Is The Childhood Love That Kidnap Star Rukmini Maitra Is Reconnecting With?

Check out what is keeping the Kidnap star busy through her self isolation phase at home.

Rukmini Maitra

During these strange times, the best we can do is stay within the confines of our homes to flatten the curve and beat Coronavirus. Many of us are finding ways to make the most of this situation by investing time we may have in hand, into something that we value. Rukmini Maitra, the extremely gorgeous and talented actor from the latest Bengali films Kidnap and Cockpit, has found the time to rekindle an old love from her childhood days. Read on to discover what this is!

Watch the trailer of her film Kidnap here:

Reconnecting to my childhood love for Chess!
Reminds me of the times I used to play (read compete) with my grandfather as a child.. Grilling yet enlightening!💫
During this Quarantine maybe one can’t move around physically, but mentally one must keep moving.
Mental workout keeps a check on one’s physical well being. Sound mind, Sound body..Rings a bell?! Try it!
P.S. I have a thing for collecting chessboards. This one’s a favourite..African, Handmade & ofcourse blush pink!💁🏻‍♀️💕”

Rukmini goes back to her days when she used to play chess with her grandfather! Isn’t that heartwarming? The set that she has is rather unique too. The game of chess dates all the way back before the seventh century in India, when it went by the name chaturanga. It reached Europe later in the ninth century and took the form we are more familiar with, in 15th century Spain. By the 19th century, all the modern rules we know of the game today were established.

The best chess players deploy a smart strategy throughout the game in order to win it. As Rukmini says, it can be a great exercise to keep sharp mentally. Today, you can play chess even by yourself if you simply go online and start a match, so don’t worry if you do not own a set of chess or have no one around to play with.

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