When Stories Touch Hearts: Lockdown Diary Is The Latest Show To Help Us Ride Out The Storm

Amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Zee Bangla has brought out a new show inspired from stories of positivity in the real world that will uplift you.

Lockdown Diary

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll across the globe and we have been slowly bracing ourselves for the ‘new normal.’ The crisis has also been an eye-opening proof of the immense reserves of strength and compassion that humanity is truly capable of. Zee Bangla presents Lockdown Diary, the latest show to grace our television screens based on positive stories heard around the world even amid such times, from May 25 onwards at 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Meanwhile, watch this hilarious episode from Non-Stop Abol Tabol, a lockdown-based comedy reality show which is guaranteed to make you laugh:

Here is a little peak into all that Lockdown Diary will offer us:

Featuring many of our favourite stars like Rani Rashmoni actor Gourab Chatterjee and girlfriend Devlina Kumar, as well as Teen Bondhu actor Saayoni Ghosh, Lockdown Diary brings forth beautiful tales of love, resilience, and compassion inspired by real life stories today, even when our day to day life has drastically changed and become much more difficult.

Bengal is also battling to rise up in the aftermath of a terrible cyclone that has left a trail of devastation in its wake, posing an even greater challenge coupled with the epidemic. However, people everywhere are also standing up in solidarity to support and pull each other out of these trying times.

Lockdown Diary
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Lockdown Diary will focus on all of these stories about human relationships and emotions that will keep you positively connected to other people, raise your spirit, and restore your faith in humankind. Our artists will bring to life all of these tales, take us into their world and share their own. Just because we have to stay in to stay safe and cannot go home, does not mean that we have to distance emotionally from our loved ones and the rest of society.

In fact, even though we are all practising physical distancing, this is a time that has drawn us all closer to each other as we fight a common enemy that is unlike anything our generation has ever experienced before. Lockdown Diary highlights exactly this aspect of our lives, and will instil hope, strength, and spirit.

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